Donald Trump’s really owning this ‘smocking gun’ misspelling

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US President Donald Trump on Monday posted a tweet that has people flipping through dictionaries and thesauri once again.

Continuing his tirade against the Democrats and former FBI director James Comey, Trump tweeted that the former cannot find a “smocking gun tying the Trump campaign to Russia”.

“That’s because there was NO COLLUSION,” he added, caps included.

But if you look closely beyond the politics and at the actual content of the tweet, there’s a particular phrase that’s misspelled. Twice.

Yes, it seems that Donald Trump does actually mean “smoking gun” but, also, he doesn’t.

Twitter just couldn’t help itself, and thought that the idea of a “smocking gun” was a wonderful thing.


It’s not the first time Trump has tweeted about smocking guns though.

Back in August, the world leader noted that a smocking gun was found linking Hillary Clinton to activities prior to her particular presidential preparations.

Trump has since deleted the tweet.

Perhaps its an issue with autocorrect, or perhaps Trump has adopted the phrase as his own. Either way, the US president is no stranger to odd and wonderful words.

After all, who can forget or understand the enigma that is covfefe?

Feature image:  Gage Skidmore via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0, cropped)

Andy Walker, former editor


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