Facebook’s ‘life events’ feature gets a redesign

Facebook is redesigning its “life events” feature so that your important milestones stand out even more on the platform.

“When we began reimagining life events, we talked to people around the world to understand the milestones in people’s lives,” the company explains on its website.

The redesigned look includes “new options, including animated photos and videos”, and if you add your own photos they’ll now include “subtle animation”. 

According to Facebook, many users believe life event posts bring people closer together. Taking this into consideration, the platform will now notify your friends and family when you add a milestone event to your profile.

“We filter the notifications so you only see the ones that are most relevant, and you can also turn off these notifications at any time,” the company notes.

Finally, the new update to live events will highlight your milestones at the top of your timeline.

“This can help you learn more about your friends and potential connections — and gives you a new way to reminisce and reflect on your big moments,” says Facebook.

These highlights can be hidden if you wish.

The updated look will roll out to all smartphone and desktop devices during the next few days.

Feature image: Facebook Newsroom

Shereesa Moodley


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