Google brings Home Alone back to life with new ad

Google has released an ad for its Google Assistant titled Home Alone Again, featuring the original star of the classic Christmas movie Home Alone.

Macaulay Culkin returns as the adult version of Kevin McCallister, who is alone at home with only his Google Assistant for company.

“The video features a modern-day Kevin, who shows us what happens when he finds that he has the house to himself, and the Google Assistant on his side,” explains Google on its website.

The video shows Kevin mirroring his younger self as he enjoys his alone time, while also using the Google Assistant to his advantage.

“He adds aftershave to his shopping list, sets an “Operation Kevin” custom routine to lock his door, turn on the lights and make sure the Wet Bandits don’t stand a chance,” the company explains.

The fun ad shows off what Google Assistant is capable of as a smart home system.

The company also noted that “for a limited time, your Assistant can take you back to some of the most iconic moments from the film with quotes from your favorite scenes”.

All you have to do is use certain phrases from the movie after saying “Hey Google” to get a response.

“I am thinking and hoping that people will really dig it,” said Macaulay Culkin, according to Google.

Feature image: The Keyword

Shereesa Moodley


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