Patricia de Lille announces GOOD, South Africa brings the puns

patricia de lille good party south africa

Prepare for puns, people. Former Cape Town mayor and DA member Patricia de Lille this weekend announced the name of her new political party, set to run against her former employers, the ANC, and EFF in the 2019 elections.

Its name is GOOD.

No really, that’s what it’s called.

“That name and identity arose from the hopeful and patriotic vision we hold and from the values we have enshrined in our movement’s constitution and our country’s constitution,” the young party tweeted on Sunday morning.

“Good upholds the constitution. Good builds the country. Good changes politics. Good fights corruption. Good stamps out racism. Good cares about people. Good nurtures the frail. Good educates the young. Good helps the suffering. Good gives hope. Good supports good,” it added.

That’s 13 mentions of good in this article thus far. But Twitter wasn’t done.

Users on the social network deconstructed the name, with some comparing it to the likes of “Cope”.

Others game the name a hard nope.

And then there were these simple but 900 IQ gems…

Behind the mountain of puns, others believed it was a marketing masterstroke.

The party has yet to release its list of policies, and its website remains fairly rudimentary at the time of writing, but expect to hear a lot of good things about South Africa’s latest political party.

I just couldn’t help myself, sorry.

Feature image: GOOD Party

Andy Walker, former editor


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