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New activity cards feature groups and remembers your Google searches

A new Google Search feature will let you save your search history in categories for you to revisit at a later date.

“To help you with these ongoing search journeys, we’re launching new activity cards to help you pick up where you left off,” Google revealed on its blog.

The activity card appears at the top of your search results when you search while logged in on mobile, and basically groups together your searches according to topics.

“You’ll find links to pages you’ve visited in the past along with searches you’ve done. From there, you can easily click back to that recipe that you tried and loved, or re-issue a search to discover new facets of that topic,” Google explained.

The feature also allows you to customise the content of your activity cards by adding and deleting links.

“You can access your collections by tapping the menu on the top left of the Search page (on mobile web), or through the bottom bar of the Google app,” the company added.

The activity card feature is currently available in English for the US only.

Feature image: Google

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