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How the people of South Africa reacted to Tito Mboweni’s Budget speech

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has laid down South Africa’s budget for the next financial year.

Besides his literary references to works such as the Bible, the minster outlined plans to “sow the seed of renewal and growth” within the country.

While announcing our new tax increases (yes, fuel and “sin” tax), grant increases and plans to set the country on a better spending path, Twitter could not resist reacting.

The fuel price increase was definitely a point of concern.

Some took the opportunity to praise Mboweni on his speech.

While some South Africans were notably dissatisfied.

Though the speech was met with mixed reactions, only time will tell if the Minister’s plan “to tend the seed and see that it grows strong, tall and fruitful,” will actually work.

Feature image: screenshot, National Treasury People’s Guide

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