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Danny K is ‘bewildered’ by white South Africans and Helen Zille is touched

A tweet made by South African singer Danny K last Friday has blown up on Twitter after former DA leader Helen Zille commented on it.

The tweet in question read, “I’m totally bewildered with the lack of empathy shown by many white South Africans.”

Zille took it upon herself to call out the musician on his spelling, rather than address the content of the post.

Danny K found Zille’s reaction pretty questionable.

The exchange got the attention of the rest of South African Twitter, and the singer trended on Tuesday morning.

Opinions were varied.

The artist took it all in his stride.

“Thank you for all the support – black, white and everyone in between. Reflection , ownership and an honest dialogue is desperately needed to bring us together, ” he said in another tweet.

Feature image: screenshot, Deezer

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