Opera 60 browser debuts with Web 3.0 support, cryptocurrency wallet

opera 60

Hot on the heels of its Android browser relaunch last month, Norwegian company Opera on Tuesday released its Opera 60 desktop browser, codenamed Reborn 3.

While it includes the usual Opera features like a built-in VPN service and adjustable themes, Opera 60’s real advancements come in the form of “Web 3” support.

Web 3 is the blockchain-based internet of the future. Starting today, users can type in the address of a Web 3 application into the address bar of the Opera computer browser and they will be able to explore Web 3,” the company explains in a release.

Web 3 is regarded as the third major advancement in internet technology, allowing users to host information in decentralised locations rather than servers. It will also usher in a new wave of apps, called decentralised apps or, dapps. Terrible name, yes.

Opera 60’s Web 3 support also comes with another blockchain-friendly feature, a cryptocurrency wallet.

The Crypto Wallet in the Opera computer browser syncs with the Crypto Wallet in the Opera browser for Android,” the company explains. “This means the wallet keys never leave the users’ smartphones. In practice, whenever they need to identify themselves to a Web 3 website or sign a transaction on the blockchain, they get a notification on their smartphone.”

Users can also confirm transactions using Face Unlock or their fingerprints.

While Web 3 apps currently have very little if any impact on the daily browsing habits of millions of internet users, Opera clearly feels it’s an important advancement.

The Web has transformed our lives. We are now continuously online. But the more time we spend online, the more we need tools that help us control the security and privacy of our digital lives,” notes Krystian Kolodra, Opera’s head of browsers.

With this major upgrade, we are taking the first step into Web 3, the new Web, where users are in control. We believe every browser in 2019 should be Web 3-ready.

Opera 60 is available to download for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Feature image: Opera

Andy Walker, former editor


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