Keanu Reeves’ as a stunt-driving toy stars in new Toy Story 4 trailer

duke caboom keanu reeves toy story 4

Disney and Pixar’s second and much lighter Toy Story 4 trailer dropped today, and thousands of adults across the internet are turning their existential crises into smiles.

Well, at least we are.

While you’re well familiar with the plot and characters from trailer one, trailer two showcases more of yet another and likely fan favourite: Duke Caboom, Canada’s most famous stuntman.

Voiced by Keanu Reeves, you’ll have to try very hard to forget that Caboom is also Neo in the Matrix, and the titular John Wick, whose latest edition dethroned Endgame as South Africa’s top movie this past weekend. It’s a delight.

Of course, if you don’t want even more spoilers for this flick, stay away from this trailer. It’s 2:27 long, and fleshes out much, much more of the movie. We’re not sure what else Pixar can pull after watching these two trailers back to back.

If you can wait, enjoy Duke’s exceptional handlebar mustache and smooth moves below.

The flick drops on 21 June.

Feature image: screenshot, Pixar via YouTube

Andy Walker, former editor


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