YouTube is changing the way notifications work on the platform

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YouTube on Tuesday announced that it’s finally tweaking how notifications work on the platform.

As part of this, the company has changed its default notifications to “personalised” notifications. This means that, when you subscribe to a channel, the personalised notifications will be active and you won’t recieve notifications for all new content on the channel. Instead, you will recieve updates based on your activity on the platform.

Should you wish to be updated about all channel activities, the new-look bell notification must be active.

“The bell settings offer flexibility so you can choose to get all notifications, none at all, or personalized notifications – and you can select different options per channel subscription,” the company explained.

The update doesn’t really change much except explicitly outline what notification you’re opting to recieve.

For creators, the platform will now show channels how many of their subscribers actually recieve each type of notification.

“We’ve been working on improving our infrastructure to make our systems and networks that send out notifications more consistent and reliable with a focus on two things,” YouTube also noted.

The company intends to be more punctual and accurate with notifications in the future.

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