Zimbabwe tweets proof of its R139m electricity voucher from Eskom

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You’re not the only person, or entity, who purchases electricity from Eskom. The South African power utility also sells juice to Zimbabwe, and recently it lamented the fact that our southern African neighbour had failed to pay for its services.

Last Friday, Eskom took to Twitter noting that it had received “no funds” from Zimbabwe.

“Once Eskom has received the funds, we will then enter into further discussions with Zesa,” Eskom’s CEO Prakamani Hadeba added.

On Monday, Zimbabwe’s minister of energy Fortune Chasi published the proof of payment to Twitter, and with it, the settled amount of R139-million.

I bought a R400 voucher the other day, and I thought that was a lot.

On Tuesday, Eskom announced on Twitter that it had indeed received the payment.

“Discussions will continue with Zesa to find a mutually beneficial solution to the outstanding debt,” Eskom tweeted.

The deal between Zesa — Zimbabwe’s power utlity — and Eskom was made to alleviate power shortages in the country largely caused by low water levels in the Kariba Hydroelectric system. The country’s been experiencing load shedding since May.

This likely won’t be the only payment Zesa makes to Eskom. The former owes South Africa’s power utility an additional $30-million, ENCA reports.

That said, wouldn’t it be nice if more governments published their proof of payments to Twitter for the public to see?

Feature image: wilhei via Pixabay

Andy Walker, former editor


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