Netflix debuts Collections: lists curated by its humans for us humans

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Netflix is finally giving its machines a rest, letting actual humans decide what we should be watching.

A new feature dubbed Collections, spotted by Techcrunch, sees other warm-blooded mammals (picture: koalas, but actually humans) curate shows of different genre, tone and characters.

It sounds awfully similar to the algorithm Netflix employs to populate your feed with shows you may find interesting. And its algorithm is largely informed by humans (called taggers), which categorise shows and movies based on specific traits.

But while its algorithm gives users precise descriptions, Collections boast more flowery titles.

Traditional algorithm bundles include titles like “European TV Shows” or “Award Winning US TV Shows”. There’s not much room for purple prose here.

You can get even more acute genres by using Netflix’s hidden codes too.

However, “Just for Laughs” is the name of one Collection for comedy lovers. Another’s called “Curiously Candid TV”. Others are named “Dark & Devious TV Shows” and “Watch, Gasp, Repeat”.

The streaming firm believes that Collections is an “easy way to find shows and movies you’ll like”, perhaps believing that the more descriptive titles of these bundles would entice unsure viewers.

That said, Collections are only available on iOS for select users as a test.

In typical Netflix fashion, the company didn’t state whether it’ll be implemented as a permanent feature across all its platforms.

But with the likes of Disney+ breathing down its neck, and the prospect of losing even more subscribers, Netflix is forced to think beyond just ones and zeroes.

Feature image: Netflix

Andy Walker, former editor


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