Cyril Ramaphosa wants you to subscribe to his weekly newsletter

cyril ramaphosa newsletter from the desk of the president

President Cyril Ramaphosa wants you to smash that subscribe button to his new weekly newsletter titled “From the Desk of the President”.

The newsletter, which premiered on Monday, will discuss “some of the issues that interest and concern South Africans, and talk about the work we are doing in government to tackle these issues.”

Following the link posted on Twitter opens a simple single-column page, where President Ramaphosa — much like the transcript of a SONA — talks about government’s actions.

However, unlike SONA, he’s more aware and accepting of the problems in the country 20 months into his reign addressing the economy and unemployment in the first issue.

Users visiting the newsletter can also subscribe, or read past issues.

It’s a valiant attempt by the President to improve the transparency of government, but some feel that it’s a little too late for letters.

While others love the idea.

Whatever your feelings are, spend 15 minutes of your lunch break glossing through the newsletter here.

Feature image: screenshot, From the Desk of the President

Andy Walker, former editor


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