GIFs of Hurricane Dorian show the fearsome ferocity of a Cat 5 storm

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When we first wrote about Hurricane Dorian late last week, the cyclonic storm was packing Category 1-strength winds and bearing down on Puerto Rico.

Three days later, Dorian is now a Category 5 storm, and will be one of the most powerful to ever strike the Bahamas.

According to the latest update from the US-based National Hurricane Centre (NHC), the storm now packs sustained winds of just under 260 km/h.

Note, that’s sustained. It doesn’t factor in the stronger gusts.

On radar, Dorian is a monster too. A well-defined void is surrounded by a fierce vortex of cloud.

A slew of GIFs posted to Twitter my meteorologists demonstrate just how powerful this storm really is.

Even if you’re far from the storm’s impact, these loops are terrifying.

The NHC has adjusted its track from a few days ago. Where it predicted the storm would make landfall along Florida’s eastern coastline, it’s now more likely to skirt along the coast.

But of course, these are merely predictions. No one knows what the storm will actually do in 48 hours time. But at the moment, the Bahamas is bearing the full brunt of the storm.

Where to track Hurricane Dorian online

Follow the storm’s progression through the NHC’s official Twitter account, and the hashtag #Dorian.

Meteorologist Matt Lanza has also put together a stellar Twitter list of users tracking the storm.

Feature image: Hurricane Dorian as a Category 1 storm on 28 August 2019, by NASA Worldview/Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS)

Andy Walker, former editor


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