Spotify will let users share 15-second song clips to Facebook Messenger

spotify facebook messenger preview

Spotify will now let Facebook users share 15-second long video clips to Facebook Stories, the company announced on Friday.

The feature addition, which in May made its debut on Instagram Stories, is primarily for artists to better promote their tracks, the Scandinavian streaming firm explained.

To take advantage of the feature, users can “tap ‘Share’ when viewing the track on Spotify, select Facebook, customize your Story, and post it to your fans”.

“Now, when viewers watch your Story, they’ll be able to listen to a 15-second preview of it — instantly — and they can tap “Play on Spotify” if they want to hear more,” it added.

At the moment, only single tracks will be previewable on Facebook Stories. Albums and playlists will take users to the respective section on the music streaming app.

Spotify’s been experimenting with its artist promotion tools of late, adding a similar feature to Instagram Stories that displays artist bio information within the app.

It’s also testing a podcast creation button within the app, through which it hopes its 230-million strong user base to post their own podcasts.

Feature image: Spotify

Andy Walker, former editor


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