This must-read Sho Madjozi Twitter thread puts South Africa’s outrage in context

Sho Madjozi

South African recording artist Sho Madjozi trended on Twitter after she posted a thread expressing her thoughts on the current turmoil in South Africa.

“The reason we have bad leaders is because we want bad answers,” said the singer in the detailed thread, referring to South Africa’s outrage over xenophobic attacks and gender-based violence.

With protests erupting all over the country, South Africans are pleading with the government to do better for its people. Sho Madjozi believes that as a country, we have ourselves to blame for poor leadership because we don’t want to accept that “more than one thing can be true at once”.

The musician explained that while South Africa blames foreign nationals for crime, the country does not want to accept that its own people also contribute to crime.

She went on to note that “saying people are criminal BECAUSE they are foreign is Xenophobic”.

The thread, which was posted on Wednesday, had many South African’s praising Sho Madjozi for her wise words.

This isn’t the first time the BET award winner got South African’s talking, however. Earlier this year she also trended after her song “John Cena” hit one-million views on YouTube.

As South Africa continues to fight for change, it is clear that we need more conversations like the one Sho Madjozi has started.

“Most people would much rather have a peaceful, happy and safe place to live. But people are disenfranchised and poor and we are all unprotected by the leaders we have chosen,” the singer concluded.

Feature image: Shereesa Moodley/Memeburn

Shereesa Moodley


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