The internet (nearly) shames Tropical Storm Karen into submission using memes

tropical storm karen us naval researrch lab

Congratulations are perhaps in order, internet. It seems that, for what may be the first time, you’ve managed to shame a potentially devastating storm into submission.

Well, at least until Monday, according to the NHC.

Tropical Storm Karen, which formed just north of South America earlier this month, is now stalled over the Atlantic, with the NHC believing it to become a “remnant low” in the coming hours.

(Karen, as you’d probably know, is usually the antagonist in a number of memes, including the evergreen Nintendo Switch Karen.)

The storm reached tropical storm status on 22 September, and spent most of her life as a minor storm. Earlier this week, she also passed through Puerto Rico, which brought heavy rain to the island.

However, at the time of writing, it seems that Karen’s journey may be coming to an end.

And that’s no thanks to dry air and unfavourable conditions for development, but to those memes, internet.

Looks like the manager finally stood his ground.

For what it’s worth, it beats seeing the now iconic “Alabama” and “sharpie” memes inspired by Donald Trump during Hurricane Dorian’s rampage.

Hello Lorenzo

Speaking of rampages, Karen isn’t alone in the Atlantic at present.

Hurricane Lorenzo, sorry, Major Hurricane Lorenzo is breaking a number of records of its own at present. It’s no threat to the US mainland, but the Category 4 storm is packing sustained winds of 230 km/h.

It could however impact the Azores later this week.

We can’t really think of any Lorenzo-related memes that could help with this one, unfortunately.

Feature image: Karen on 22 September, captured by the US Naval Research Laboratory

Andy Walker, former editor


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