YouTube brings changes to its home page on web and tablets

youtube home page ui changes

Notice anything different?” YouTube asked users in a tweet on Thursday, after it brought a number of cosmetic and functionality changes to its home page.

The first change is purely cosmetic, and barely noticeable to less perceptive visitors. “Recommended” videos now feature larger thumbnails, higher-resolution previews, longer titles and the inclusion of channel icons.

YouTube also brought a quality-of-life change to the home page. Users can now tell the site to stop recommending certain channels from the three-dot menu.

“You now also have more control over the content that appears on Home for you: “Don’t recommend this channel” – select this option on a video and you’ll stop seeing suggestions from that channel on Home,” the company added in a tweet.

And finally, you can also queue a “handful” of videos without interrupting the video that’s currently playing.

“With the miniplayer, you can organize your queue without having to leave Home,” it tweeted.

The changes were not apparent at the time of writing for us in South Africa, so it’s not clear when the changes will go live for all users in the country.

YouTube last issued a large-scale update to its UI back in 2017, when it introduced a dark mode as well as some Material Design polish inspired by Android.

Feature image: YouTube

Andy Walker, former editor


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