5 Christmas movies you have to watch on Netflix tonight

Netflix Christmas movies

Not sure how to wait out your evening under the tree this Christmas Eve? Here are five festive movies on Netflix you should binge.


A refreshing take on  the legend of Santa’s beginnings, Klaus is an animation that will take you on a mildly funny but meaningful journey through the traditional Christmas themes of love, friendship and selflessness.

Though the movie starts off slow and dreary, a mysterious magic lingers throughout that will keep you intrigued.

Klaus is a must-watch if you’re keen for something uplifting and emotional.

Holiday Rush

What’s a Christmas movie without some family drama and a bit of romance? Holiday Rush is about a single father who loses his job and decides to take his children back to their roots.

Though the plot might seem saccharine, the movie is as funny as it is feel-good and will certainly leave you smiling.

Holiday Rush is definitely worth a watch if you’re in the mood for a heartfelt Christmas comedy.

The Christmas Chronicles

A 2018 Christmas movie from Netflix, The Christmas Chronicles is a modern take on Santa Claus and his annual mission to deliver presents all around the world in one night.

Though much of the story has probably been told before, the movie does give us a rougher, less benevolent and more casual Santa in the form of Kurt Russell.

If you’re craving all the best Christmas moments with some funny twists and turns, give The Christmas Chronicles a watch.

The Knight Before Christmas

Netflix seems fond of casting Vanessa Hudgens in holiday movies like The Knight Before Christmas, a typical romantic Christmas movie where a literal knight in shining armour shows up to save the day.

Even though the movie is predictable and wildly unoriginal, it’ll still entertain Christmas fanatics with some time travel, drama and sappiness.

If you love a cheesy love story, this one’s for you.

The Polar Express

You can’t have Christmas without this classic 2004 animation starring Tom Hanks. Mystery, magic and friendship come together in The Polar Express to remind us all of the children we used to be.

The movie will undoubtedly take you on a nostalgic journey to the North Pole as both you and the characters rediscover the Christmas spirit.

There are probably hundreds of Christmas movies you could watch to keep your festive spirits up, but these five are sure to take you down magical paths of their own while you wait to unwrap those presents.

Feature image: screenshot, Netflix via YouTube

Shereesa Moodley


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