15 subreddits that I got hopelessly addicted to in 2019

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I’ve been a Reddit subscriber for more than six years now, but 2019 was arguably the year I began using it for more than just r/memes and cute pictures of dogs.

I discovered some truly diverse subs that cover a wide range of topics, hobbies and interests. Some are more perfect for time-wasting than others.

In the spirit of the new decade, I’m sharing my annual discoveries with you below.

These are the subreddits that pulled me in and never let me go in 2019. RIP productivity.


Dedicated to things that people carry every day, this sub is perfect for refining your on-body gadget load out. From knives to multitools, and medical supplies and electronics, this sub will teach you what is important to have on your person, and what could probably be left at home.

What I carry to cover the Hong Kong Protests from EDC


Do you consider yourself a good driver? I bet the subjects of this sub like to think so too. Dedicated to videos of all those people you just love to swear at on the road.

Tell me your "I was the Idiot" story. I once took the wrong exit in Detroit. Turns out its the bridge to Canada, and they WILL NOT allow you to turn around. I had to wait an hour to be deported. from IdiotsInCars


Sigh. This sub answers the question of “why do humans exist” in the worst way possible.

*hot glue gun use intensifies*

This should be DIWHAT from DiWHY


Cheapskate like me? Grab free or heavily reduced apps, games and customisations from the Google Play Store thanks to this sub.

[Apps] Nova Launcher Prime ($4.99 -> $0.99) from googleplaydeals


2019 was the year I got into bullet journaling. While it lasted all but three weeks, I still check in to this sub from time to time to vicariously live through poster’s organised lives.

Simple weekly setup from BasicBulletJournals


It’s amazing and depressing what people throw out. From plasma TVs to Swiss chocolate, divers in this sub have found some truly outrageous and marvellous things.

When your fashion forward neighbor starts to watch Marie kondo and dumps half her wardrobe from DumpsterDiving


Nobody likes losing their bags in transit, and that’s where this sub comes in. All members deify the idea of packing as light as possible, and it’s remarkable just how little us humans need to travel comfortably.

My 16L OneBag Packing List from onebag


Splish splash splosh. This sub is dedicated to nature’s ASMR rather than the mechanics of the weather itself.

Perfect napping weather from raining


A cautionary tale packed into a subreddit, WhatCouldGoWrong is what you should probably show every single person who just bought a skateboard, action camera and forgot the helmet. Or in the below case, two bros who try to rob four other bros at a petrol station.

If I try to rob 4 guys on spring break. from Whatcouldgowrong


What would long, lonely nights be without some real-world terror? CreepyWikipedia highlights some of the scariest, creepiest and downright vomit-inducing stories from the free encyclopaedia.

A megadeath (or megacorpse) is one million human deaths, usually caused by a nuclear explosion. The term was used by scientists and thinkers who strategized likely outcomes of all-out nuclear warfare. from CreepyWikipedia



What’s more wholesome than an old, often abandoned building getting a new lease on life? This sub documents what happens when the bricks of architecture and the mortar of inspiration combine to recreate gorgeous works of art.

Old grain silo in Cape Town repurposed as 5-star hotel, restaurant and art museum from repurposedbuildings


Think you can trust your eyes? In the age when we question everything written on social media, shouldn’t we also begin to question the images and videos too? This sub demonstrates how critical perspective really is.

This one got me good. from confusing_perspective


I got into theming my Android devices this year too, so much so that I subscribed to a subreddit to gain inspiration. But hey, even if you’re not into aesthetically reworking your device to suit your needs, you can at least appreciate all the pretty colours.

[Theme] Casio Internet Phone from androidthemes


Sometimes we do things that we aren’t sure is the right thing. This sub plays Judge Judy and determines who really is the worst human being in any given situation.

AITA for pretending to be an "Appletarian" (eating only apple derived foods/drinks) for 3 weeks as a prank, causing my friends to have an intervention for me? from AmItheAsshole


The internet is a writhing hive-mind that’s sometimes at odds and ends with itself. This subreddit demonstrates that sometimes it can put aside its differences to hilarious, and at times incredibly touching, effect.

A group of unfunny people is called a ______ from AskOuija

Feature image: Reddit’s homepage, by Kon Karampelas via Unsplash

Andy Walker, former editor


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