Twitter will implement its new ‘deep fake’ rule from March

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After announcing plans to update its policies for manipulated media last year, Twitter on Tuesday revealed a new rule regarding the spread of fake content on its platform.

As part of the rule, Twitter users “may not deceptively share synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm”.

This means manipulated or “deep fake” posts will now be labelled as such and removed from Twitter if they are proven to be harmful.

“We’ll also consider whether the context in which media are shared could result in confusion or misunderstanding or suggests a deliberate intent to deceive people,” the company explained on its blog.

According to Twitter, tweets featuring labels for fake images, videos and news will also have limited visibility on the platform and feature links for more information. The latter is aimed at helping users understand where the fake material comes from.

“Our teams will start labeling Tweets with this type of media on March 5, 2020,” the company further said.

Once the rule is in effect, users will be able to spot a “manipulated media” warning under posts.

Feature image: Shereesa Moodley/Memeburn

Shereesa Moodley


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