Cape Town cold front brings snow to Table Mountain [Pics]

table mountain

Social media users were in for a treat when Table Mountain Cableway staff and those visiting the area shared pictures and videos of snow.

Cape Town experienced a chilly weekend with low temperatures and rain.

On Saturday and Sunday, Table Mountain Cableway shared pictures and videos of the snowfall.

Despite the snowfall, conditions were still favourable enough for the cableway to stay open and invite tourists to visit.

In fact, the cableway said that it had actually opened two days earlier so that people could see the snow.

The tourist attraction’s official opening is on 1 September.

As a result, numerous users on Twitter and Instagram shared pictures of the snow on outcrops and paths around the top of Table Mountain.

Despite the biting cold, some visitors found joy in the snow by making small snow sculptures on Table Mountain.

In the meantime, cold weather will continue in the region, where weather reports predict more rain on Monday.

Snow also appeared in other areas around the country, such as Sutherland.

If you want to keep track of incoming cold fronts and other weather patterns with the Ventusky tool.

Feature image: Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash 

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