Free online coding and web development platform launches for SA learners

codejika coding website for high school

Non-profit organisation Code for Change has launched a free coding and front-end web development training platform for high school learners in South Africa as part of its CodeJIKA programme.

The platform is available online and is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. It teaches youth the foundations of coding, as well as website development and computer science.

Both teachers and learners can access it for free.

The CodeJIKA programme originally launched in 2017 to help local learners and teachers develop coding skills. However, in 2020, the programme has launched an online platform that students can use outside of school.

“Created primarily for under-resourced, offline, mobile-oriented schools and communities, the CodeJIKA programme aims to create a generation of African digital entrepreneurs,” Code for Africa said in a press release.

The platform aims to help learners access critical digital skills development. The pandemic has made these skills even more essential for future employment, the organisation says.

“Given the new reality of work ushered in by the global Covid-19 pandemic, it has never been more critical for South African youth to become skilled in a discipline that will become increasingly more important in the future of work,” says CodeJIKA co-founder Jonathan Novotny.

“Coding is the language of the future, and by teaching these skills to our youth now, they will gain valuable digital skills before entering the job market. South Africans can become creators, not just consumers of technology, and the youth are the ones who are going to make this happen,” he adds.

The organisation has also partnered with technology companies to help deliver its mandate.

How to access CodeJIKA’s free online coding and web development learning

You can view the skills learning platform on the CodeJIKA website.

The platform offers educators training at no charge to help them provide skills development for learners.

High school learners can also access the platform to learn coding and web development skills.

According to CodeJIKA, parents can learn from the platform to help support their children’s learning.

Meanwhile, community organisations and education organisations can reach out via the website to partner with CodeJIKA.

The website includes activities such as “My First Website”. The exercise teaches you how to make a basic website with a five-minute activity.

You can find out more on the CodeJIKA site.

Feature image: Code for Change/CodeJIKA


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