WebMD partners with Twitter to give social users health info

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While Twitter is not usually a place you’ll find reliable health information, this might change with WebMD announcing a partnership with the social media platform.

The health website made the announcement on 17 September.

“With Twitter, WebMD can amplify our meaningful, medically reviewed health content even further to inform and inspire,” Paul Bar, Group VP of Product Marketing and Product at WebMD said in a statement.

While Twitter has launched numerous features in 2020 to stop the spread of fake news, the new partnership is more about spreading health awareness.

“The partnership will feature launches timed with seasonality and health awareness events to engaged audiences on Twitter,” WebMD’s announcement says.

Upcoming programmes include Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Eczema Awareness Week in October. Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November will follow.

“These programs will activate compelling WebMD video programming, featuring social-friendly explainers, myth-busters, medical animations, and patient stories.”

This won’t be the first time the social media platform aimed to amplify health awareness.

On 10 September, Twitter amplified suicide prevention resources to mark World Suicide Prevention Day. The social network has also helped launched hashtags to amplify messages from health NGOs and awareness groups.

According to WebMD, the website’s video health content will become part of Twitter Amplify, a resource for advertisers.

Hopefully, the partnership will reliable health information more accessible to Twitter users. It could also raise awareness around health conditions and diseases that aren’t always in the public eye.

However, it’s important to remember that you should only trust health information from medically reviewed sources on social media.

While networks continue to crack down on fake news, health misinformation continues to flourish online.

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