Tinder video chat feature rolls out globally

tinder Face to Face video chat

A new video chat feature has arrived on the dating app Tinder which narrows the gap between texting and in-person dating. After its limited release in certain regions, the new feature has rolled out globally.

Face-to-Face, Tinder’s new video chat option, allows users to have video conversations with matches directly through the app.

This comes after months of testing in selected regions in the United States and around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing has naturally placed a strain on dating globally.

The feature promotes one-on-one interactions, but Tinder also says that it has prioritised safety and security when developing Face-to-Face.

“We built our feature with some thoughtful tweaks that help it stand out from your typical video experience. And no, you don’t have to worry about unwanted calls,” the company said in its initial announcement.

Tinder’s Face-to-Face feature has rolled out for both Android and iOS devices.

How Tinder video chat works

To enable Face-to-Face, both matches have to express interest in video chat.

“Once the conversation is flowing and you’re ready to show you’re interested in a Face to Face, tap the video icon. The feature won’t be enabled until you’ve both opted in. And don’t worry: it doesn’t tell your match when you toggle it on,” Tinder says.

The video chatting feature splits the screen horizontally. But if you’re not ready for video chatting, users can decline the call or allow it to ring. This will send a notification to your match that you’re not available.

If you feel uncomfortable during the video chat, you can end a call at any time by tapping the “End” button.

You can also go into your match’s profile, scroll to the Report option, and follow the prompts to report them.

Tinder’s community guidelines ban nudity and sexual content, harassment, hate speech, and scamming.

Feature image: Tinder

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