Cape Town social media scam promises licence without test

empty pocket social media scam

The City of Cape Town has warned residents about a recent licence scam that poses as the City’s Traffic Services Department.

This scam targets individuals looking for a license or those who need to make payments for outstanding fines. The scam has been operating for some time, but another recent case emerged in the past week.

According to the City, a resident arrived at the Gallows Hill Driving Testing Centre in Cape Town for the collection of a learner’s licence.

The person had paid for a learner’s licence, thinking that it was a legitimate package offered by the City. The scam claims that users can receive licence “packages” without a test or appointment.

Scammers advertised the so-called offer on social media.

Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, said that the City is not sure how widespread the scam is. However, he warns residents against believing this offer.

“Our DLTCs offer tests for learner and driving license applicants, within set parameters and there are no allowances for deviating from the process,” Smith said in a statement.

“If anyone tells you otherwise, please know that it is a scam. Even if you have confirmation that the person is in fact a City employee, any offer to circumvent the system amounts to bribery and corruption and you then become an accessory to the crime.”

The City has referred the case to police in Cape Town. The City’s Traffic Service department has also restated that it does not have any learner or driver’s license package. You also cannot get a licence without a test or appointment.

Feature image: Chris S via Pixabay

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