Clubhouse to launch Android app globally by end of week – how to sign up

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Clubhouse has announced its full rollout plan for its Android app in various regions,  with it being available worldwide by the end of the week.

The social audio app is coming to Android after it launched on iOS devices more than a year ago.

On 16 May, Clubhouse took to Twitter to announce its global rollout plans.

Clubhouse on Android will first become available on 18 May in Japan, Brazil, and Russia.

On 21 May, it will roll out to Nigeria and India.

The app will roll out to the rest of the world during the week. It will be available worldwide by day’s end on 21 May.

The announcement comes not long after Clubhouse first announced it was launching a version of the app for Android devices. Up until then, it was only available on iOS devices.

Like the iOS version, Clubhouse will continue to use its invite and waitlist system to gather and process new users. The company will also expand its language support and accessibility features in future.

Clubhouse experienced an explosion in popularity which prompted other social media companies to develop their own social audio offerings.

In March, Twitter launched its social audio feature called Spaces on Android devices.

How to sign up for Clubhouse on Android

You can pre-register for Clubhouse on your android device on the Google Play Store.

Clubhouse Android app iOS pre-register

If you pre-register, the app will automatically download to your device when it becomes available in your region.

Currently, you need to have been invited by an existing Clubhouse user to sign up. However, you can also get an invite by joining Clubhouse’s waitlist.

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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