What to know about the new KFC WhatsApp ordering feature

KFC WhatsApp South Africa chat service order

KFC has announced that customers can now order food for collection from certain restaurants using WhatsApp.

The service, launched this month, is fully automated and aims to offer a low-cost option to order food online.

“As a consumer-led organisation, we understand the limitations that high data costs can pose in transacting online,” KFC South Africa Digital and E-Commerce Director, Nicholas Duminy, said in a statement.

The fast-food franchise celebrates its 50th anniversary in South Africa this year.

“For the first time ever in South Africa, you can discuss what you want for dinner with your friends, and then on the same channel, place your KFC order,” Duminy explained.

“It all happens on WhatsApp and with payment options coming to this channel soon too, provides convenience like never before.”

How to order from KFC via WhatsApp

To order on the instant messaging app, save the number 087 153 1074 on your mobile device.

You can also add the number by clicking a link or scanning a QR code on the KFC website.

To start the conversation, message ‘Hi’ to the contact number.

KFC WhatsApp chat orders

Following the text replies, select the items you want to order by responding to the chat’s questions.

After that, choose the restaurant you want to collect your order from.

Currently, food orders via WhatsApp require you to pay for the order when you collect it at the restaurant.

KFC said customers will soon have the option to also pay via WhatsApp using a card.

Bear in mind, ordering via WhatsApp is not available at every KFC outlet in South Africa.

The KFC website lists which outlets countrywide do not offer the service.

You can see the excluded restaurants below:

kfc restaurants without whatsapp

Featured image: Unsplash/Maxime Lebrun

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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