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App messaging giant WhatsApp will soon roll out its much-anticipated edit feature.

WhatsApp is rumored to be working on the new feature which is in its testing phase.

The messaging giant is working on the ability to edit text messages for a future update on WhatsApp beta for both Android, iOS and desktop.

The feature will let users edit their texts for a future update.

This simply means users will have the ability to rectify their texts long after they’ve clicked the send button.

The feature will possibly allow users to see when messages have been edited.

Our tech experts report that the feature is expected to have a time limit for editing messages.

How it works

The feature which is under development is most likely to have an edited tag.

WhatsApp tracker WAbetainfo has shared screenshot of the new feature within a chat.

In the image above users can see one of the messages with the edited tag next to the time stamp.

The roll out of the feature may function as simple as WhatsApp’s delete message feature.

Users currently have a limited time period to delete messages after sending them to recipients.

A 15 minute window is most likely to be the time frame users will have to quickly rectify their spelling errors in messages.

This may be a worthy time period to manage the exchange of false and manipulative content.

It is still unclear if users who have remained offline will still see the edited tags, but we can’t wait for find out what the limits of this anticipated feature will be.

Can users edit texts while offline, will the feature require both sender and receiver to be online for edits to take effect?

WhatsApp users have to wait a little longer for the feature as WhatsApp is yet to confirm a date for the feature.

It may take longer to arrive for beta testers considering news for the feature have previously immerged with WhatsApp throwing water on previous speculation.

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