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App messaging giant WhatsApp has taken on social messaging to a whole new level.

Users, can not only send and receive text messages, but they can call, conference call, and send videos at the touch of a button.

The app has grown immeasurably throughout the years but we think the app needs one more addition in its next update.

The tech giant has recently updated its privacy settings, to allow users to delete messages after a day, and leave group chats with only the admin being notified.

We think the app could make life a little simpler by adding an edit message feature long after you’ve sent a text.

Think about it.

Ever sent that text message and only a few seconds later realized a word in the text was autocorrected and wrote can’t instead of can.

You’re probably like us and you’ve quickly deleted the message or sent a secondary text to correct your initial spelling error.

By adding an asterisk (*can) and the word in the second message you hope the recipient doesn’t assume you need to reclaim your school fees from your high school teacher.

Edit posts after posting

The feature would be simple.

It would allow users to quickly go to the text, click on it and edit the error.

Other messaging apps such as Slack, allow users to edit texts long after they’ve clicked the send option.

This solution would allow users to save time, reduce the amount of deleted messages in an effort to have a message read with no errors.

The feature is a no-brainer for WhatsApp as some on social media have raised the issue, hoping WhatsApp will hear their call.

One user wrote: “I was using WhatsApp some days ago and then I posted something, few minutes later I noticed there was a mistake in my post , I tried looking out for the edit option so I can correct it but I didn’t find it, I had to delete the post and retype everything again”

WhatApp is rumored to be working on a host of new features with one of them being the edit text messages option.

Probably in their testing phase by now, WhatsApp is expected to look into developing and rolling out the feature in the future.

Currently, the tech giant doesn’t allow users to edit sent messages.

A cool hack to also expect from WhatsApp is the Undo feature which according to reports will allow users to undo those impulsive actions.

The undo feature is expected to Undo an action such as deleting a message.

Users will probably be able to retrieve information after deleting a message.

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