Flaccid truth to Malusi Gigaba viral sex tape

Every story deserves an ending and a story that involves blackmail and extortion should in most cases produce results despite any challenges.

Flaccid truth’s to Malusi Gigaba viral sex tape

Technology plays an important role to depicting our stories to the public.  There remains a thin line between controlling the narrative to stories that are written about us.

What can we control and what is beyond our reach?

When it comes to the controversy that followed former Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba and his former wife Norma Mngoma and a viral sex tape, an ending to the sex tape issue would make sense.

So where are the culprits?

In 2018 Gigaba wrote how he and his then wife learned that a video containing material of a sexual nature meant for their eyes only had made its way onto social media.

The then Home Affairs Minister apologized to his family claiming that the video was used to blackmail him.

The footage was allegedly stolen when his phone was illegally intercepted.


Footage exists with Gigaba, with his T-shirt pulled up stroking his “member”.

The video was not sent to his then wife. This was according to a testimony from his former wife.

A report last year, depicted how Mngoma found out about the viral sex video.

Coming back from church one Sunday, Mngoma told how she was informed of the 13 second instant hit which was trending.


Through extensive research and several cups of coffee, we’ve picked up that the initial footage of Gigaba is no longer online.

There are however other content of a sexual nature claiming to depict Gigaba.  These could not be verified.

Way forward

According to his then spokesperson Vuyo Mkhize, Gigaba hired a private investigator to find those who obtained the video?

This would answer two questions, if the culprits were found.

What was the purpose for blackmail and to what end?

It’s 2022, is it safe to say Gigaba has found the perpetrators?

Would he be willing to finger those responsible for leaking what could have crippled his political and social career?

“I take this opportunity to publicly apologise, in advance, to the rest of my family — especially my kids, my mom and my in-laws — and the South African public for the pain and embarrassment the likely wider distribution of this private material will cause,” he wrote in a statement.

An ending to the sex tape drama would ensure those responsible would be held accountable.

This would send a strong message to any third party tampering with confidential data between two parties.

Online search results for Malusi Gigaba sex tape produce massive results, even though some sites have fake content.

An update controlled and tabled by Gigaba would narrate a much needed end to what may have been a frustrating chapter in Gigaba’s life.

Blackmail and extortion attempts

These are serious allegations, which Gigaba should he update his own chapter could paint him as a protagonist in his own chaos.

There is always opportunity in chaos, and we hope Gigaba will bring those involved in tampering with his image to justice.

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Marcus Gopolang Moloko


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