Here’s one app that’s saving lives by bending time | Time Keeper app

Janssen South Africa has launched an app that helps patients with multiple Myeloma have more time to fight back.

When patients receive a Multiple Myeloma diagnosis time is crucial in order to fight back against the silent assassin of a disease.

Waiting can mean dire consequences for patients and the app Time Keeper developed to help patients gain some ground against the disease might just save a few more lives.

What is Multiple Myeloma?

Multiple Myeloma is a rare form of blood cancer has been hard to track over the years.

The disease accounts for roughly 1% of all cancers, or about 10% of all blood-related illnesses.

According to Janssen SA Multiple Myeloma starts in the plasma cells of the bone marrow in the soft part of the bones and is characterized by its incontrollable growth of cancerous plasma cells.

Patients often present no symptoms initially, even though cell damage is taking place.

Sufferers experience bone pain, kidney damage, infections, fatigue and or shortness of breath including bleeding among a few symptoms.

Symptoms escalate as the disease progresses.

“One of the symptoms of multiple myeloma is that it interferes with the patient’s perception of time. In order to understand this, we can look at that neurological concept that applies to us all: As we get older, we’re less likely to encounter brand new information. Our experienced brains don’t spend much time processing this familiar data, and this makes our perception of time change”

“When older people have new experiences, these impressions take longer for the brain to process, and this makes time feel elongated. People who have multiple myeloma experience similar disturbances in their time perception, although these can be far more pronounced than one would typically expect in the aged.”

How does Time Keeper help?

It provides patients with a system to manage their time.

The app will assist patients undergoing chemotherapy according to Dr Lucille Singh clinical Haemotologist at Alberts Cellular Therapy.

“The hope of most cancer treatments is that it gives patients more time. Ensuring that the time one has is spent in quality and meaningful pursuits becomes even more important for cancer patients. I think this tool, if used appropriately, can be useful for patients on their treatment journey and beyond,” says Singh.

A trendy new app designed to help manage the challenges of a disease which is a challenge to track.

Janssen Pharmaceutical is part of Johnson and Johnson, and focuses on medicine which came make an impact on cardiovascular, metabolism, infectious diseases, neuroscience and hypertension.

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