Nedbank is the secret #NewBank with Cardless app services

Nedbank Money Message WhatsApp bills invoices small businesses

And the #NewBank name is…  well first of all, it’s not that new, but it does have some improved features.

Nedbank has completed a new campaign, to possibly reinvent the brand to clients.

With a hashtag #SeeNedbankDifferently.

The bank has launched a series of new features which by the looks of it appeal to the new generation also known as Gen Z, who think fast, consume even faster and want an easy way to do any transaction.

We have to admit the countdown had us all for a bit.

Here’s what’s new

Nedbank appears to have added a couple of new tricks to their banking arsenal.

Accept card payments in a variety of ways with different POS systems.

Every bank shines on clients experiencing better service which translates to automated seamless banking, but Nedbank seems to have it’s eye in the right direction with the phone tap to pay feature.

While this service in not new in the banking sector Nedbank may just have answered questions that today’s business owners may have.

The bank caters innovative banking solutions for start-up and small businesses.

The features include a start up bundle, an array of industry leading payment solutions from entry level to fully integrated banking and access to free business tools, support, seminars and networking events.

Phone tap

Turn your android smartphone into a card machine, with the phone tap feature which allows clients to accept and make payments using their phones, provided it’s compatible.


A Google compatible Android smartphone with near field communication functionality.

8.0 or higher Android operating software.

Nedbank does offer other payment solutions for small to medium sized businesses such as the Pocket POS, the Desktop POS and the Portable POS.

Visit site for more on the product line.

More services we like

  • Selfie verification and digital product tools that make banking simpler.
  •  Nedbank Lockers
  • Skip queues and book a banker

Free access to your credit score? People shouldn’t have to pay for this type of information.  There are sites and apps that provide this service for free.

Let’s hand it to the Nedbank team for a stellar campaign.

Many brands can learn a thing or two about lining up a campaign, creating compelling content, building intrigue and great story telling from their team.

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