Best WhatsApp features that keep the social app top priority for users 


WhatsApp users on desktop may very soon have access to tips and announcement’s once the social messaging giant rolls out its new update.

This new feature which will allow users to have a chat section that will indicate updates is expected to be released in an update that will possibly come with the edit WhatsApp messages on WhatsApp beta.

WABetaInfor reports that users may have access to future features the app will be rolling out once the feature is rolled out.

Think notices, as WhatsApp will allow users to receive new updated information including upcoming features.

New updates this year

The social messaging app has grown over the years to become one of the fastest mediums to use in communication.

Loved for it’s quick to use video calls, including audio calls WhatsApp has quickly become the gel in most companies with features such as group chats to allow real time productive communication in organizations.

View once feature

Around August 2021, WhatsApp rolled out the View Once feature allowing users to send messages that can only be viewed once.

Chats disappear once the recipient has read the message due to the view once security feature.

Communities feature

In November 2022, WhatsApp announced the communities feature which allowed groups to be merged into communities.

Admins would have control over the list of groups chosen to be part of the communities feature.

The feature will allow admins to have the power to broadcast one messages to multiple groups with similar interests.

The feature allowed users from different groups to receive information from various groups in the community and receive updates from other members within the community.

This is another feature WhatsApp hoped would benefit not only organizations but individual community groups.

WhatsApp Poll feature

Recently, WhatsApp said it was working on a poll feature, not only to engage participants of a group but to increase overall user engagement.

New green circle in chats

Other features included in updates are the green circle when users have posted a new status.

Users now have the ability to view when another user has updated their status simply by looking at their profile in chats.

A dotted circle implies more than one status updated while a solid green line means one status update.

Leave groups discretely 

WhatsApp also introduced the leave groups discretely feature which now allows group participants to leave groups without a notification in the group.

Only admins would receive a notification.

These hacks seem to contribute to the platforms seamless functionality ensuring the app stays at the top of user preferences.

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