DSTv Streama is viewing on the go without a satellite dish

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If you don’t already have a satellite dish installed outside your home, then this streaming box package might just be for you from Multi Choice.

DSTv Streama box package lets viewers without smart TV’s stream DSTv, YouTube or Showmax over the internet.

The package comes with a USB A port, an ethernet port, and audio output.

DSTv promises great value for uncapped fire, a Streama TV Box and DSTv compact subscription at only R 699 per month.

Users literally just plug the box to their tv’s, and connect it to the internet to stream some of the worlds most topical shows.

Whether you’re moving into a new flat, new house or visiting a friend, there’s no need to worry about a bulky satellite dish.

Simply take the box to your new location, plug it into your TV and you’re set to view.

The box caters for a variety of content features such as Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, YouTube and even Showmax.

There’s a catch.

Customers interested will need to purchase a separate subscription from their normal decoder subscription.

You can have access to a world in entertainment at your fingertips with this new introduction without a satellite dish.

MultiChoice announced their streaming contender the DSTv Streama around September following many hiccups on the products launch.

Promising to compete with the likes of Apple TV, YouTube, Google TV and other streaming product offerings, the Streama was intended to be a quality alternative for Multi Choice without the bulky satellite dish.

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