Elon Musk’s plan b, if Google, Apple push Twitter off app store

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The man who builds rockets, Elon Musk could soon launch a new phone if he is ousted from the Apple app store.

The Tesla and now Twitter head has been vocal on Twitter on his stance against a massive tax from Apple including Apple’s terms on free speech.

Twitter is facing threats to be removed from Apple’s app store should Twitter fail to sufficiently moderate content posted on the platform.

As Musk promotes free speech which has resulted in suspended Twitter users such as Jordan Peterson, Kanye West and Donald Trump being allowed back onto the platform, he faces a major hurdle which is Apple’s consent on his new content moderation strategy.

Should Google and Apple boot Musk from the app store, Musk has indicated that a new phone would be a plausible way forward.

In a short poll questioning Twitter users if they would opt for a Musk’s phone, 51% of users said yes to a new phone.

Musk is reportedly delaying the rollout of Twitters paid for checkmarks to avoid Apple’s 30% tax cut.

Shortly after Musk introduced a new way of obtaining the verified checkmark, imposters flooded the platform to indicate just how absolute freedom always came at a price.

Twitter users await the new series of checkmarks which hope to differentiate politicians, celebrities and common folk.

Musk confirmed the new Twitter blue will allow users to purchase a blue checkmark, a feature which was set to launch this week.

The delay may be deliberate from the Twitter boss, as a means to find a way around Apple’s app tax.

On Twitter, Musk has clearly targeted Apple questioning why there was a hidden “30% tax on the internet”.

The Tesla boss even went as far as stating that Apple had threatened to withhold Twitter from it’s app store.

It would be interesting to see what happens should Apple not reach an agreement with Twitter.

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