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Scroll Tiktok videos with only your voice.

Video-sharing platform Tiktok has one feature for iPhone users that’s incredibly handy for scrolling through videos while washing dishes.

This hack is not specifically for washing dishes, but we think you get the idea on how users now have access to scrolling through their phones without even touching their devices.

iPhone users have access to a feature that allows users to peruse Tiktok videos using their voice.

The feature has been around since November 2021 and allows users to navigate and interact with their device using their voice to tap, swipe, type and more.

Users’ will however need iOS 13 or later to gain access to the feature.

Before you can gain access to voice control, a voice control file download is required.

Once you’ve downloaded the vile, open the settings app and navigate to accessibility.

Toggle to voice control, then to customize commands.

Create new command and in the phrase box enter a phrase you will use to navigate through video’s.

Other users prefer saying the word “next” as their key phrase to scroll past videos.

The feature which was designed with mentally or physically impaired users in mind is handy for able bodied users


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♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The clip shows how to quickly navigate through videos using the iPhone.

Part of Apple’s accessibility features allows users to use their devices hands free.

The handy time saver makes scrolling through many of your Tiktok algorithm hands free.

Other features from Apple include voice over, which is structured to read websites even text messages aloud.

Voice control

Voice control is one feature that’s shifted the manner in which devices can continue to make life a little simpler.

iPhone introduced the feature for iOS 13, and through voice control, users can use the feature by speaking rather than tapping or swiping the screen or pressing buttons.

With the feature, users can instruct their phone to navigate to the home screen, search the web or even open a specific app.

To use the feature, make sure you’re running iOS 13.1 or higher on your iPhone.

  • Navigate to settings, and select accessibility.
  • Toggle to voice control.
  • Select set up voice control

Instruct your phone saying words like: Menu, go back, or even “lock screen” to have your phone responding to commands without even touching it.

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