WhatsApp hacked: Here’s what to do 

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Over 500 million records could be for sale, in what has been described as one of the biggest records breach for the social message app WhatsApp.

Reports suggest a hacking community claims to be selling a latest database of data from 84 countries.

The alleged breach remains speculation for now until WhatsApp confirms or deny’s the breach, but what happens when there is a breach and your numbers are out there?

What to do

A first sign to a hacked WhatsApp account is seeing contacts that aren’t yours.

The good news is WhatsApp may send you information of suspicious activity if it is an external breach advising on an alternative solution.

But what happens when you wake up and you’ve picked up suspicious activity?

Contact your contacts to inform them that your account has been compromised.

Do not respond to any messages requesting a one time pin or password.

This could be the assailant trying to gain more control of your personal information.

Messaging close contacts before disengaging off the platform will disconnect the hackers path.

Avoid providing personal information especially to random contacts.

Do not log out and log back into your account.

Any hackers intent is to ultimately take control of your identity, to do with it as they please.

Avoid clicking on suspicious links.

WhatsApp’s end to end encryption allows users to have a certain level of privacy on their messages due to the encryption including the fact that messages are stored on your device and not in a cloud service.

It is important to constantly understand your phones usage, as things like a quickly depleting phone battery to an otherwise knew phone could be a sign of foul play.

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