Elon Musk, free speech and the naughty @ElonJet who tracked his jet

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Elon Musk has another headache on his shoulders and that’s an account tracking his plane.

Twitter user @ElonJet was banned and later unbanned after the bot account tracked Musk’s plane.

The stalker was unbanned only because Musk would be contradicting himself if he suspended the account indefinitely.

To date, @ElonJet is relentless in their ways, which as a result has given Musk an irritating challenge of getting rid of the problem and compromising his view on free speech or playing along with someone who may have placed his life in harm’s way.

Although the bot account has now accused Twitter of shadow-banning it, previous searches for the account were unsuccessful.

While Musk believes in free speech it is a high security risk to pin point anyone’s location.

In the above tweet, Musk in an edited tweet said the account @Elonjet has been banned.

On Wednesday, Musk wrote: “Real-time posting of someone else’s location violates doxxing policy, but delayed posting of locations are ok.”

Twitter changed it’s policy

Twitter quickly went to the drawing board following the transgression, and updated their policies.

“We’ve updated our Private Information policy to prohibit sharing someone else’s live location in most cases. Here’s what changed and why:

When someone shares an individual’s live location on Twitter, there is an increased risk of physical harm. Moving forward, we’ll remove Tweets that share this information, and accounts dedicated to sharing someone else’s live location will be suspended.

You can still share your own live location on Twitter. Tweets that share someone else’s historical (not same-day) location information are also not prohibited by this policy.

Content that shares location information related to a public engagement or event, such as a concert or political event, is also permitted.”

While Musk attempts to remedy the issue in a win-win manner, that may be a tricky ball to balance as his personal safety remains at risk.

He’s between a rock and a hard place as suspension of the account raises questions around his stance on free speech.

Musk plans to take legal action against the Twitter user and other users who may have compromised Musk’s security.

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Marcus Gopolang Moloko


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