Videos: New fear activated around SA as trucks and bridges trend

Here’s some light news this week.

The country has been left in a state of trauma after a truck exploded in Boksburg leaving many dead.

A truck carrying petroleum gas exploded underneath a railway bridge in Boksburg on December 24.

The catastrophe happened in the Ekhurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality in Gauteng where the truck driver miscalculated the height of the bridge in comparison to the truck’s load.

While the truck driver is said to have done everything possible to remedy the incident, the truck suffered damages as the truck allegedly drove out from under the railway bridge.

This led to massive amounts of fire, destruction of property, and the loss of lives of bystanders.

The accident has sparked massive debate around the experience of drivers as well as general bridge infrastructure which required clear and visible signage.

This has led to more footage of trucks and bridges trending across the country as some motorists seem triggered by the idea of a truck failing to make there way past a bridge, possibly leading to an accident.

The Boksburg petroleum gas tanker truck driver has been released pending further investigation.

A statement released indicates that the driver followed most protocols after he identified damage to the truck.

While he was initially blamed for the horrific ordeal, the truck, driver and bridge debate remains in circulation.

Note: Video’s are used only to visually show some of the massive challenges truck drivers face.

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Marcus Gopolang Moloko


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