Here’s how to order KFC on WhatsApp in six easy steps

KFC WhatsApp South Africa chat service order

Did you know you can order KFC right off WhatsApp?

Open WhatsApp, click send after selecting your order and only go to the branch to collect and pay for the order.

No more waiting in long queues for KFC orders as KFC has latched on to messaging service WhatsApp to provide 2023 efficiency.

In six simple steps, KFC supporters can choose their meal, select a KFC restaurant of their choice, and only go to the branch to collect and pay for their order.

As KFC migrates towards seamless functionality for the hungry customer and fan, the franchise has introduced the QSR South African market to the KFC WhatsApp chat commerce channel allowing the seamless alternative to going to a branch for an order.

A team at Yonder Media structured and refined the eCommerce system and functionalities. provisioned access to the WhatsApp Business API, as a WhatsApp business solutions provider.

This ensured that orders were uniquely automated

“We realised we had to come up with a truly innovative digital solution that would turn the eCommerce space in South Africa on its head while delivering a seamless customer interaction,” said Cremeandran Govender Senior digital tech manager for KFC.

“We knew we had to overcome some serious barriers in the form of exorbitant data costs that prevent consumers from downloading an app or keeping it installed on their mobile device.”

How to place your order?

According to Governder, this partnership provides a cost sensitive, secure an reliable solution that makes engaging with the end consumer seamless.

With lower data usage, WhatsApp has continued to be a pillar of communication among many companies in the world.

The messaging app continues to become an even larger tool which now bridges the gap between customer and consumer.

“Strengthening our brand position by making the most of this powerful solution was a no-brainer for us. WhatsApp made sense because it meant we could extend our services to a channel that’s already familiar and preferred by people, making our service even more efficient,” continues Govender.

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