Cut shopping time in half with AR shopping, this is what it looks like

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Augmented Reality or AR for short is the real-life modification of the environment by the addition of sound visual and other sensory stimuli from a smart device.

In simple terms, it’s the ability of a device to integrate reality.

Think digital elements from a smart device such as a camera being used as input to assist the user to have better real-life functionality.

Lenses have shifted to become a pivotal component when it comes to AR and this new feature used by Andrew Hart shows this in the simplest form.

Using an AR interface, maps including navigation of the indoor landscape, the tech, powered by wifi and AR assists shoppers to find the exact location of the item in a relatively large chain store.

No more asking for direction instore as this feature allows users to input their searches only to direct them to their preferred destination.

A smart move, as AR makes another leap forward into a world we hope can only benefit all of us.

The difference between AR and VR

AR shifts to require a real world setting while VR – virtual reality – is completely virtual and requires a headset device.

While AR can be accessed using just a smartphone, VR only enhances a fictional reality.


AR was introduced around 1968 and saw major improvements on it done in the same year.

While Harvard computer scientist Ivan Sutherland created an AR head mounted display system, national agencies further advanced AR for wearable technology and digital displays going forward.

Today, apps such as Google lens, IKEA Place, Microsoft Maths solver, Blipper, Apples’ AR kit, provide an array of capabilities all with the same mission, to make life a little simpler, while migrating into a digitally savvy future.

The need for AR apps and their features may still be met with a lot of skepticism, however, reality tech enhances the user experience to another level by embedding digital content on the physical reality, which makes tech a lot more interesting and exciting to work with.

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Featured image: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels



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