How Pick n Pay, the Smart Shopper ‘hun’ distracted SA from load shedding

Pick n Pay PnP Smart Shopper loyalty card bottles

You become that which you hate is an old phrase that means the more you dislike someone or something, the more it has influence over you.

This is exactly what happened to a budding young TikToker who highlighted how she simply loathed a potential boyfriend who would produce a smart shopper card when paying for items.

“Am I the only one who finds it so embarrassing when a guy has a Smart Shopper card?” the budding Tiktoker said in her now trending video.

While laughing the Tiktoker asks viewers to imagine her with a boyfriend who produces a Smart Shopper card while paying for items.

While the young Tiktoker seems to relish the idea of being relevant, it seems many on social media did not find her attempt at humor funny.

Smart Shopper cards are associated with Pick n’ Pay and provide savings on hundreds of products in-store, online, personalized discounts and a few other deals.

Mega chain store Pick n Pay quickly attended to the jab from the TikToker only to remind patrons of the benefits of having a Smart Shopper card.

“Imagine your boyfriend not being smart, not having a Smart Shopper card and paying full price. How #embarrassing! If you’re a smart boyfriend, comment below and you could win R500 in Smart Shopper points,” Pick n Pay wrote using their social media handle.

Pick n Pay quickly gained some upward traction on the publicity front and rode the wave by tabling a R500 shopping points reward.

The Smart Shopper hun as labelled on social media has clearly been associated with that which she loathed with many tweets calling her out but also thanking her for uniting the country.

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards such as the Smart Shopper and Woolworths card among many others have proven to be an interesting marketing tool which initially saw naysayers doubting their novelty only to find them useful.

Loyalty cards are an incentive plan that allows retailers to gather data about customers.  The customers are provided with discounts, points and coupons in exchange for the customers voluntary participation in the program.

The intended goal of any loyalty card is longer customer retention which seems to work strategically well considering how many people would like to swipe their loyalty cards at shopping tills.

Instant feedback

The instant feedback from the an end user is a positive any business welcomes in today’s era.

The idea that the seller does not have to wait weeks to pick up reactions from the end consumer is the new norm.

With different social media platforms, chain stores, fashion brands including institutions can stay up to date with their end market user to ensure that any negative feedback is addressed expeditiously.

The dawn of new technology means faster reactions times from organizations and a clear line of communication between the buyer and seller.

With all the people rallying in support of the smart shopper card, it seems the perpetrator is not folding on her views.

Here are reactions below.

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