Here’s your load-shedding schedule for the weekend

kendal power station south africa

Eskom has confirmed a new load-shedding stage roster going into the weekend and let’s hope there are no surprises.

The power utility issued a statement confirming load shedding stages would lower going into the weekend.

On Friday 27 January

Stage 4 is expected to last until 12 midnight.

Saturday 28 January

  • Stage 4 will be from midnight until 5 am.
  • Stage 3: 5 am to 4 pm
  • Stage 4 pm to 12 am

Sunday 29 January

  • Stage 4: 12am – 5am
  • Stage 2: 5am – 4pm
  • Stage 4: 4pm – 12am

While Eskom expects changes and states its intent to communicate any changes. Monday load shedding is expected to be from 12 am – 5am.

The power utility has been buckling with ailing infrastructure for months and this week, a generating unit at Camden, Duvha including Tutuka power stations were returned to service while the return of a unit at Matla Power station was delayed.

A generation unit at Grootvlei, Kriel and Duvha power stations have suffered ongoing breakdowns which continue to mean more days without power.

Planned maintenance is sitting at 6,482MW while breakdowns currently amount to 15,848MW of generating capacity

Around December energy expert Ted Blom described national power utility Eskom as a walking catastrophe, with South African’s unlikely to see an end to Eskom’s problems.

Blom said the country was unlikely going to see a change anytime soon unless major changes were made.

He described Eskom has having a copy paste approach to issues that needed urgent attention.

The country was headed towards an outcome where it could see a stage 8 crises before April this year.

The country is currently in a state of shock following rapidly increasing levels off power outages.

This has led to various political parties protesting, arguing that the power crisis was a result of poor leadership from the leading party.

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