Only verified accounts will be in For You page – Elon Musk

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Come April 15 Twitter will only display tweets of verified users on its For You page.

This is definitely news for artists, musicians, and other creatives left on Twitter who currently continue to benefit since Twitter’s boss Elon Musk introduced paid for subscription.

Musk on Tuesday announced that only verified users would benefit from Twitter’s For You page come April 15.

Twitter technically will prioritize paid subscribers on its For You page.

Musks’ decision comes after the company announced it would be winding down its legacy verified program and removing legacy checkmarks by April 1.

This means the blue checkmark will now only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers paying $8 per month or R2,400 per year in South Africa.

This marks a massive shift for users as several Twitter features were available to all users, for free previously.

While Musk, maintains this will curb fake accounts, users will now be restricted to subscribe or settle for little to nothing.

What’s new?

Come April 15, Twitter’s For You feed will be for only those subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Subscribers will be the only ones appearing after Musk’s arbitrary ruling which only caters to Blue subscribers.

Twitter also changed who can vote on polls.

Musk said only verified accounts would be able to vote in polls.

The constant shifts on Twitter may be Musk’s attempt to drive support to the app and keep Twitter afloat while advertisers pause spending.

Musk, in a $44 billion take over took over the app.

With some suspecting a direction into bankruptcy filing at some point, Musk has been on the backfoot trying to add subscription revenue while roping in advertisers about the apps future.

The platform hasn’t always experienced smooth sailing, as it has carried a debt burden that required fresh sources of cash flow.

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