AI news anchors are here and here’s what they look like on the job

AI news anchor Ren Xiaorong.

In November 2022, OpenAI introduced a prototype ChatGPT, a model trained to follow instruction in a prompt to provide detailed response.

This has led to more AI (Artificial Intelligence) introductions such as GPT4 among other applications which appear to be fast changing the digital sphere.

Broadcast news

Chinese state media outlet People’s Daily unveiled their AI news anchor, Ren Xiarong, an AI news anchor which could provide 24/7 news coverage.

The virtual Ren Xiarong introduces herself in the video as an AI driven chatbot that has learned the skills of thousands of news anchors.

Although the news anchor currently delivers only generic answers, she has paved the way for other AI news anchors as a Delhi based news channel in India also introduced a female AI news anchor named Sana.

AI anchors are more likely going to be age-less, totally under control with many options to alter their appearance at will.

The chatbots will answer questions, explain subject matter and respond to prompts with no room for opinionated views.

While constant programming will be a factor for the bots its worth noting how current news anchors will feel about these new incoming solutions to broadcasting.

Journalists have in the past been accused of bias, and agenda pushing news coverage.

Brining in a programmable solution may bring about even more challenges considering a relatively bias prompter will be responsible for managing the AI news anchor.

India introduced Sana on March 30 alongside another journalist Sudhir Chaudhary on the show Black and White.

Future AI

Ren Xiarong wasn’t the fist AI powered news anchor created in China.

In 2018 China introduced the first virtual anchor.  Although the first anchor needed tweaks, the idea of bringing in an AI news anchor appears to be growing among media house abroad.

It’s only a matter of time before South African broadcasters see the needed transition into virtual news anchors as a viable solution.

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