Hidden detail behind load shedding stage 8 and Ramokgopa’s answer

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Most of the country’s jaws dropped after reading a report that signaled a secret load shedding stage 8 implemented on the weekend.

While newly appointed Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa maintained he knew nothing of an implemented stage 8 load shedding schedule, he said he would meet with Eskom management to get an update on the performance of the national grid.

Are we already at Stage 8 load shedding?

The minister of electricity, speaking on interventions government was taking to mitigate the crippling power cuts, dismissed a Sunday report which highlighted a possible silent creep into stage 8 power cuts.

Ramokgopa said the country was under stage 6 power cuts currently, until further notice.

Lets do the maths

On average, a single stage power cut requires Eskom to shed up to 1 000MW of electricity while stage 8 requires roughly 7 000MW or more to be shed.

Stage 4 means 12 outages each lasting two hours over a period of four days.

Stage 6,7 means two power outages each at four hours, with Stage 8 meaning six power outages or more with likely 12 hours of no electricity.

Get it?

Eskom, including the minister of electricity may argue that there was no scheduled stage 8 power outage but the number without power indicates a different reality.

A certain amount of hours without power means something completely different.

While it might not be stage 8 on paper, we could argue that the cumulative number of hours in the dark is frustratingly no different.

Eskom has indicated plans to remedy the apparent crises.

Roping in a new minister of electricity, President Cyril Ramaphosa described the position as a necessity to coordinate efforts to tackle the severity and frequency of load shedding.

Ramokgopa has powers over political responsibility, authority and control over all critical aspects of the Energy Action Plan.

With Ramokgopa roped in to the rescue, many questioned the title of electricity minister including its impact on a crises Eskom has battled to remedy for years.

Ramokgopa’s head is on the chopping block. No improvement on the Eskom situation would mean his exit with another candidate called in to douse flaming tempers across the country.

Think former CEO Andre De Ruyter, who indicated a bleak situation at Eskom due to politics, authority and rumored power plays.

Was there a stage 8? You  be the judge.

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