Microsoft, AI chip code, code name Athena: Here’s what you need to know

Microsoft Corp is reported to be developing its own AI (Artificial Intelligence) chip code-named Athena.

The chip code is designed to power the technology behind AI chatbots which will be used to train large language models needed by generative Ai.

Generative AI chatbots which provide massive amounts of data, and recognize patterns to mimic human conversation will be trained by the chip codes.

Nvidia is currently leading in the market for such chips.

Microsoft invests in AI

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced its new competitor in the AI chatbot race.

Bing is the name of an AI-powered search engine coupled with an edge browser from Microsoft.

Available for preview now at, this search engine promises a new chat experience, more complete answers and the ability to generate content.

Bing will generate the content to help you write an email, create a 5 day itinerary for a dream vacation, or even prep for a job interview.

Bing also cites all its sources and users will be able to see links to the web for references.

A whole new Microsoft Edge experience, Bing brings new AI capabilities, a new look and whole new edge experience.

More investment into AI

Microsoft also confirmed its investment into ChatGPT which signaled a new manner in which Microsoft would take on Apple, Google and other tech giants.

Microsoft Azure also continues as the exclusive cloud provider tool used by OpenAI to train most of its models.

The gap Microsoft wants

Microsoft clearly looks to broaden the gap by accelerating investment into competitive products against their competition.

Its clear the company wants to dominate the AI landscape as it is clearly finding ways to optimize business operations using machine learning.


Microsoft has introduced Microsoft designer, a graphic design app that uses AI based tech to create art and social media images all from scratch.

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