Trending: Mmusi Maimane, Gayton McKenzie and the ‘alcoholic running tops’

Politics are activities associated with the governance of a country or area, or activities aimed at improving someone’s status among a few other definitions.

Spotted on our timeline were quick whip-snapping comments that left social media divided on where the line for forgiveness was.

It all started with former DA leader and now OneSA leader Mmusi Maimane commenting to an image of Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi alongside Gayton McKenzie, where he argued convicted criminals could not be allowed to assist govern the City of Johannesburg.

“We cannot have convicted criminals governing the City of Johannesburg. That is like allowing an alcoholic to run tops,” said Maimane in a tweet.

This was met with massive amounts of replies from other users who argued that Nelson Mandela was a convict at some point in his life who later became the president of the country.

Not long after that, the recipient of the tweet, Gayton McKenzie questioned why former pastor Maimane questioned God’s power to inspire change.

The quick battle of wits among the public figures appears to have drawn a line where some argue that Maimane had a point while others conceded that McKenzie had paid his dues.

While some argue that the OneSA leader may have a point, a potent note was the reason for correctional service centers which was to rehabilitate inmates.

Maimane’s tweet appears to have been deleted after 11 am, signaling a massive social wave headed for the OneSA leader.

McKenzie served a 15-year sentence in Grootvlei Prison after an accomplice of his ratted on him to police around 1996.

The now reformed opinion leader and civil society man once said he lived like king in prison as he used to “run” prison in a claim he made to reports.

He came to prominence in the early 2000s for his role in a prison exposé which led to his release amid a cloud of investigations on corruption by the Jali Commission of Inquiry.

McKenzie who grew up in Bloemfontein has become a prominent public figure who has since created jobs as a businessman, written a book, motivated school children, and became mayor of the central Karoo district.

Social media has to some extent become a paragon of virtue and a signal of where social discourse is and could be headed.

While the social media platforms provide real time reactions to public discourse.

It remains a clear indicator of how the public will react to an opinion, a tool used by many social media marketers including politicians today.

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