Is Google’s Bard better than OpenAI’s ChatGPT? We find out

Google may have been delayed in the AI race, but the introduction of Bard in March appears to have taken the lead, especially recently when the comparison between OpenAI’s Chat GPT and Bard showed a clear gap between the pair.

Google launched Bard as a response to the AI race which has become not only a topic but the next step in technological evolution.

Google’s Bard AI Chatbot initially did not compare that favorably to the likes of Bing Chat and ChatGPT, not to mention the launch was a flop.

Google went to the drawing board and introduced Bard in a different way by removing a waitlist and making Bard available to anyone in over 180 countries.

The new and improved Bard includes multimodal queries that can work with images, which means users can have Bard explain images to them.

Extensions allow users to gain access to apps and services like Maps, Google Sheets, Gmail and Docs which will make it easier to export Bards responses to Gmail and docs.

The difference between ChatGPT and Google’s Bard

Making Bard available in over 180 countries means Google has not only introduced upgrades to its Chatbot, but has upped the pace against popular chatbot ChatGPT.

Smartphone available

Google’s Bard is available on your smartphone  while ChatGPT does not have mobile version right now.

To use ChatGPT users have to browse through their smartphones, while a dedicated application comes at a convenience from Google.


Google’s Bard is trained on a huge dataset of text and code that includes information from the internet and allows the chatbot to answer questions in a comprehensive and informative from the internet.

ChatGPT does not come with access to the internet.


OpenAI is capable of generating images, however Google’s Bard is capable of providing images in its text response as shown at Google’s I/O event.

Users will also be able to use images as prompts or even scan images via Google Lens to do the same.

Think click on a picture and ask Bard what to do.

Voice and Image prompts 

Googles Bard seems to cater voice prompts.

Bard allows greater control for users and an answer to its belief in God.

Gmail integration

Bard is a step ahead of ChatGPT when we consider Gmail as part of Bard’s arsenal of features.

Bard will be integrated with Gmail allowing the email service which has over 2 billion users to have access to Bard for ease of interactions and replies.

Imagine the Bard chatbot compiling a draft.

Bard supports a myriad of coding languages while also catering to plug ins like Uber Eats, Adobe and Spotify.

Chat GPT can only handle about 25000 words currently while Bard topples at over 45000 words.

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